Audio / Video

We setup and configure audio video systems for domestic environments. Our speciality is digital systems where audio/video media stored on computers or media servers are used to feed your TV and Hi-Fi. Multi-room wired and wireless systems are also catered for. We have extensive experience with Sonos systems.

Internet / Small networks

We troubleshoot your internet problems and setup small networks. We often liaise with your ISP on your behalf if problems are external or when arranging for changing provider or moving house. We setup wireless networking where data and printers can be shared around the home desktop computers and laptops. We also install parental controls so younger members of the household are kept safe online.

Personal Training

We offer personal training to domestic customers so that they get the most out of their computers and gadgets. Whether it’s working with documents, familiarising yourself with operating systems, or managing media and photos, we show you how to manage these tasks easily. We also show you how your computers and gadgets can best interact and share data with each other.

Upgrades / Repairs

If you’ve outgrown your computer we can upgrade it for you to get the most out of it. Hard Drives, RAM or Graphics Cards are often upgraded to give your domestic computers more power. If you decide to get a new computer we help with the transition and transfer your data across to the new system. Transferring from PC to Macs is our speciality. We even repair broken equipment and recover any necessary data from it if necessary. Preventive servicing and maintenance and also virus removal etc. is also provided.


Nowadays the average home has several computers and gadgets connected to the internet. We maintain and repair all such equipment in a domestic setting. We also provide remote support and one on one training on most popular software packages.