Data Transfer

If you are changing your PC for newer model or switching to a Mac. We can backup your documents and data from your old computer and transfer it all to your new computer. We also transfer your email accounts, contacts and calendars along with your media files such as music and video libraries etc.

File Servers / Workgroups

Often your employees need access to common data such as documents, software, address books and calendars etc. We setup and support Local Area Networks to provide this functionality within your office, so that your staff can collaborate easily. We can also configure your office computers for remote access so that you can access your data and software from home or while you are travelling. Also other branches of your office can share data.

Data Backup / Security

Data is crucial to businesses. We arrange and setup automated backup systems. Even off-site backup strategies are catered for. We also ensure all your computers are kept secure and make sure your data is always kept confidential and safe both internally within your organisation and externally from the internet.


We support small offices and medium sized businesses and setup and configure networking and computer equipment. Premium technical support is provided as standard for business customers.

Data recovery

If your computer won’t start or has been physically damaged, we can salvage your data and advise on backup strategies to lessen the likelihood of future data loss.

Premium Support

Our business clients get premium support with out of hours telephone and remote online support. We even provide telephone and online support while you are travelling overseas. When in the London area rapid response and site visits are the norm for our business clients.