We repair computers and peripherals which are suffering from hardware problems. All repairs and parts replaced are fully guaranteed. We also repair gaming consoles and other gadgets and devices.

Telephone Support

All our clients have access to telephone support for advice, information and technical support. We also provide online support to our clients when required.

Rewiring / Cabling

All our installations are neat and tidy. Cables are kept bound and connectors are labelled for easy identification. We can also tidy your existing installations and bring them up to high standard. We also can install surge protectors and Uninterruptible Power Supplies to keep your equipment safe against power problems.


In addition to setting up, configuring and repairing your computers, peripherals and gadgets, we also do regular maintenance and servicing to ensure everything is kept running smoothly and minor problems are dealt with before they become serious.

Viruses and other Malware

Especially with PCs, malware can be major problem. We can clean infected PCs and install utilities to keep them running smoothly and avoid reinfection. Many PCs are infected with spyware which may not even be apparent but can make your computer run sluggishly. Spyware tends to keep track of visited websites for marketing and advertisement reasons. Often such software is installed quite innocently along with supposedly useful toolbars and browser plug-ins.


If your computers are running slow or behaving erratically. We can clean out accumulated detritus and remove unnecessary software and plug-ins and speed things up and run smoothly. Both PCs and Macs are catered for.

Below is a general summary of the services and support offered to our clients.

OUR services